Guillaume Brière and Benjamin Lebeau meet in junior high, where they create their first rock band. The duo becomes a pair, The Shoes, and turns in a new direction: electronic music. The pair releases its first singles, « America » or « People Movin’ », and from the beginning, you could sense something special. In 2011, The Shoes hit the international stage when they released Crack My Bones, winning an international notoriety with their single « Time to Dance ».

Then the band produces artist’s album, as solo or duo (from Etienne Daho, to Rocky or more recently Bagarre). In 2015, they release a new opus, Chemicals, incredibly danceable. As the precedent record, the duo invites guests to sing (Esser, Sage or Blaine Harrison) to experiment more and further, play with tonalities, offering a multi-genre album.