OrelSan reveals “Défaite de famille” making of

After Basique and Tout va bien, OrelSan revealed the Défaite de famille’s music video.
A cynical song which made a big hit single: in less than four minutes the artist drew a family portrait, throwing in each member’s face their home truths.

For the music video, he depicted this family party. But instead of invited the first to be concerned on shooting, he chose to interpret and parody every members, just to accentuate the irony of the song. He played no less than 27 characters, making a point to show each personality.

Today, OrelSan reveals the making of and takes us behind the scenes of the music video.
« I would like that it looks like a real party. The movie’s story is a child filming a party with her iPhone, and her editing ».

A substantial work, which required tree days of shooting and at least about fifteen hours of makeup.